A recent article posted by ABC Australia, made mention of the fact that billions of dollars are wasted each year on public works infrastructure being undertaken in Australia. According to the Project Management Institute based in the United States, Australia’s infrastructure spending blows out by a staggering $108 million for every billion dollars spent. That is over 10% of the cost of a project disappearing due to a combination bad planning and bureaucracy.

What role can Tracka play in helping to stem this waste of both time and resources? First and foremost, our real-time forecasting capabilities means that project managers are able to spot any adverse project fluctuations as they occur, and then respond accordingly. This makes Tracka an invaluable tool for the public works sector, tight deadlines and high pressure from upper management often means that with any delay comes the potential for a major cost blow out as project managers do whatever they can to keep on schedule.

Tracka’s functionality means that rather than waiting a week for site updates, project managers can receive them as soon as they occur, essentially meaning that there is no longer a requirement for a middle man to relay information from site to the public works hierarchy. These kind of knowledge transfer problems do not only exist in the public works sector however, as they are challenges that are faced by all aspects of the construction and engineering industry.

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