152hq’s NEW HOME

As of late November 2016, Tracka and our parent company 152hq moved into the iAccelerate building located on the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Innovation Campus, in North Wollongong. The iAccelerate initiative is a business incubator program run by UOW, with the number one aim to build and support homegrown businesses in the Illawarra.

iAccelerate runs two parallel programs, focusing on an early stage and advanced entrepreneurial businesses. Tracka is 12 years in the making and our mentality of consistently updating and fine tuning the product has resulted in a space amongst the small group of advanced start-ups that inhabit the 1st floor of the building.

At its core, the iAccelerate program is designed to provide small businesses and start-up companies with the best possible chance of creating a successful business, coming out on the other side with a product that works, a steady flow income and an expanding workforce. Being part of iAccelerate gives Tracka direct access to multiple industry professionals, mentors and advisors that we would not otherwise have access to. Having direct contact with a wide range of specialists in close proximity means that Tracka is farmore agile when it comes to resourcing new ideas and options to implement within both our software and business.

iAccelerate also hosts a variety of workshops and events that aim to hone the pitching, selling and business practices skills that are instrumental in helping a start-up companies optimise their business practice. The opportunity that iAccelerate has presented to everyone at Tracka will be an invaluable tool for our business going forward.

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