Knowledge Transfer within a hierarchical institution (a top down company or business) that contains varying levels of responsibility and transparency can be problematic. An (often) large workforce, spread out over a wide geographical area with multiple projects been undertaken simultaneously means that knowledge transfer between all parties can be time-consuming, difficult, and fraught with potential for mistakes.

Entering the same data on multiple platforms, receiving inaccurate and conflicting reports from various levels of the organisation and not receiving these reports on time equates to a chaotic environment where making mistakes is easy. As a project manager, how are you supposed to successfully control a project accurately when the data you have is days old and potentially inaccurate?

Creating an environment where knowledge transfer between all parties is quick, easy and simplified is the first step to fixing these systemic problems. An efficient knowledge transfer system helps to create an environment which is transparent for all parties, and allows for problems to be fixed on the go. Military thinker John Boyd interprets this process as what is commonly known as an ‘OODA Loop’, a decision-making cycle of observing, orienting, deciding and acting. If the knowledge transfer system in your organisation becomes more efficient and transparent for all parties who are involved in making project decisions, your ability to respond to complications that arise will increase significantly. This allows your team to be more agile and responsive to intercepting potential delays, costs and other problems.

Tracka’s streamlined data collection and forecasting process make it possible to drastically cut out mistakes and improve response times when it comes to adjusting to the ever-changing requirements of a project. Rather than entering data manually on multiple platforms, the data in Tracka comes from field collection in the form of log files. This means that the forecasting capabilities of Tracka are updated in real time. Having an efficient knowledge transfer system is the first step to putting your organisation at the forefront of the project management game.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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