After 12 years of consistently working on and improving Tracka, we are ready to relaunch our product after the most recent round of major updates have totally remodelled the program. Countless hours of testing in the field, working on projects with project managers and getting their direct feedback on our program has resulted in the creation of a product to be proud of. Over the last 12 years, the scope of what Tracka has wanted to achieve has both grown significantly, but our core directive has always remained the same. At its foundation, Tracka is a program that tracks the progress of projects. The initial idea for Tracka started out as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, then moved through to an access database, then an online access database, then through to an application that is a basic incarnation of what we have today. A series of major updates over this time period has resulted in the program we have today.

It is important to note here that Tracka is not by any means, ‘just a site diary’. While the log-file process collects the type of data typically associated with such a service, it is what our back-end engine does with this data that sets us apart from other software in the field. Tracka utilises all elements of the data collected in the field to produce a fully customisable and comprehensive series of reports, all fitted around our EVM module. All relevant baseline data can be entered at the beginning of a project, while also having the ability to add any major updates or adjustments to the baseline schedule as the project progresses. The end result of this is that we have created a product that is the first of its kind; The only full integrated field data collection and forecasting application currently on the market.

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