Technological innovation is growing at a rate that vastly outstrips business productivity, according to a recent report by Deloitte.

What does this mean for you? Well, firstly, it’s an indicator that to keep up with the digital workplace, you need to be digital. Digital communication provides you with the ability to decentralise your workplace and your workforce. It also provides you with the power to include a greater level of transparency within your business units, because digital information is far easier to share with your workforce than a physical copy. Recently, Tracka went out on the road and completed several surveys on the local construction industry. It was surprising that in an industry dependent on keeping up with the latest changes in materials and technology, their digital infrastructure was almost non-existent.

Poor business productivity is a clear indicator of a lack of reliable communication between all business units. Paperwork gets easily lost between the site and the office, nobody is sure on the exact percentage complete on the job site. These are all problems that could be solved by digitising the workforce and making information easily accessible to the people that matter.

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