We all know that one of the primary tasks of running a business is identifying and managing risks. Whether it is ensuring accounts are paid on time, or the correct PPE is available for personnel to reduce potentially fatal issues at the work front, all risks must be identified, monitored, controlled or removed.

That is why we have digitised the Take 2 system.

Take 2’s are a great risk profiling tool used to identify work place specific hazards.

The OHS Management Systems: A Review of their Effectiveness in Securing Healthy & Safe Workplaces, April 2001, commissioned by National Occupational Health and Safety Commission Sydney notes that businesses must implement systems, training and support to ensure effective OHSMS. However, individuals must also be responsible for their own safety. This is clearly accomplished when Take 2’s are completed at the work front, by individuals ensuring they STOP AND THINK before commencing tasks.

2B Safe’s Take 2’s mobile application offers a structured, formal tool that removes the need for paper copies, as well as offering the mobility to complete the Take 2 in the field, before, during and at the completion of the work task. With voice to text, and digital technology, Take 2’s can now be completed in no time at all.

The software has been designed to record your Take 2 responses, send a copy to yourself via email, as well as collate statistical data, useful for post project auditing. 2B Safe’s Take 2’s also provide quantified data to ensure incidents and/or claims can be assessed on reliable factual information.

This simple but robust solution guarantees we all take time for our safety. It is all right there in the palm of your hand.

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