TAKE2 – Product Upgrade

November saw the release of a number of upgraded features roll out for our Take2 risk assessment system. The team at 152hq have been working in conjunction with our Take2 clients to ensure all their hazard identification needs are covered.

We are pleased to announce that our Take2 now includes the following great features:

Customised Checklists

You can now customise your question sets to include or exclude the risk matrix functionality. This function now allows our Clients to create customised checklists, for questions that require a simple yes/no response. This upgrade does not impact on your ability to upload photographs, documents and notes. Simply create a question set within your hub and turn the risk matrix functionality off.

Job Number Field

Clients can now allocate job or work order numbers to their Take2’s and customised checklists. This handy feature allows you to collate and store all your risk assessments and associated documents by job number.

Compulsory Questions

Our clients are now able to set up to 3 (three) mandatory questions that must be answered prior the operator being able to progress to the Take2 or custom checklist. This question set can be designed to capture mandatory tasks that must be completed prior to commencing work. For example your question may focus on the completion of obligatory paperwork eg Do you have a copy of authorised JSEA, SWWM, Permits etc on hand, prior to commencing work?

Compulsory questions and the inclusion of a job or work order number field can be activated/deactivated from your Hub.

Online Help Files

Accessible from every page within your Hub, all of your questions are answered in our Help files.

Archive Historical Groups

Often our Clients will set a group listing to capture Take2’s and Checklists for a specific project. Once the project has been completed, and records not longer required to be live, the account Manager will be able to archive these groups.

The archival function does not delete your records, but merely hides the data from your searches. To access these groups, simply click the “Include archive groups” checkbox in your filter searches.

It was great to hear feedback from all of our Clients, allowing 152hq to make a great product even better.

To see these improvements in action, visit our website or contact us on 1300 241 523

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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