How Bundyon Saved Our Holiday

School Holidays – Two words every working parent dreads.

I made a deal with myself that this school holidays would be different. We would not be sitting at home fighting over who has the best Minecraft World, or complaining that there was nothing to eat.  These holidays I was determined to get the kids out of the house and off the internet. A road trip was in order! And where better to take an eleven and thirteen year old, than Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.

Like all holidays, an internet compromise had to be given. So instead of fighting with the kids to complete a paper holiday diary, we were going to make a digital diary using Bundyon.

Not only could the kids see where we had been, but so too could hubby (who had stayed home).

Someone watching over me in real time certainly gave me comfort.  That was until one night’s conversation had me racking my brain thinking. “So how come you took a detour today?” asked hubby. Had I just been caught doing something I shouldn’t have been?

Detour I’m thinking… What detour? I was driving in rural country side counting the number of tractors plowing fields. There was certainly no shops here….  Then it hit me. We were forced to dog leg en-route today, as the rural fire brigade had closed a country road due to a motor vehicle accident.

Bundyon also allowed hubby to “come with us” on the trip.  By clicking on the street view function within Bundyon, he was able to access goggle maps and see exactly what we saw.

Knowing that someone was monitoring my movements via Bundyon gave me the confidence to undertake this 2500km trip with just the kids to keep me company. If you are planning on travelling alone, I have no hesitation in recommending Bundyon to keep you safe.

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