The Advantages of Going Digital

What do you get if you cross 13 trees, 2.5 barrels of oil, 4100 kWh of electricity, 4 cubic metres of landfill and 31,780 litres of water?  Give up?  Believe it or not – 1 tonne of paper in accordance with Cleanup Australia research.

What else is unbelievable is a study conducted by the Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance in 2005, estimated that the costs associated with using paper is 31% greater than the initial cost of purchasing the paper.  This calculations includes such costs as copying, printing, storing, disposal and recycling.

So why haven’t we all converted to a paperless society.  Surely the environmental and financial benefits far out way any negatives.

Unfortunately the main setbacks holding companies back from transitioning to a paperless office appear to be:

·         Cost impact caused by retraining staff

·         Human resistance to change

·         An unknown element of trust associated with IT/Cyber security.

Here at 152HQ, we have factored all of these elements into our desktop and mobile applications.

Our software design team have ensured that all of our products operate on intuitive and user friendly interfaces, with a large selection of help files and video tuition available for reference.  We even have 24/7 support on hand and can tailor training packages to meet all of your needs.

Our applications have responsive layouts that auto fit to a variety of devices, ensuring all texts can be easily read, and buttons and scrolling toggles are accessible for even the fattest of fingers.   We even utilise voice to text technologies.

Our team of experts make sure all of our applications are rigorously tested to ensure the process is systematic, standardised and offer a great user experience with minimal efforts.  Our team is also available for in house training and will guide your staff through this transition period.   152HQ knows that change is often hard, but we are here to help and support.

We also have cyber security covered. 152HQ utilise Microsoft’s Azure Services, giving our customers security and scale-ability. For a list of Azure’s benefits and features please visit

So with all of these advantages, what are you waiting for?  Now is the time to transition from paper to digital.

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The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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