It’s Safe-halo’s birthday and you get the presents!

It is Safe-halo’s birthday this month and we are celebrating by releasing a major update. This update includes fantastic new features and technical advances in the GPS technology.

Changes within the mobile app: –

  • A face lift throughout providing an easier user interface
  • A new look home screen that provides your status all in the one place.
  • A new map view so you can where your team member are locate.
  • Consolidated alarms and timers within one page.
  • Improved performance and reliability.
  • Rationalised mode change between GPS, Wifi and 3G/4G to increase battery life

Keep your eye out over the coming days, as you will be prompted to update your current version of the Safe-halo to the new version.

Changes within your website management system: –

  • A new Auto Screen that automatically rotates your team, through showing their locations and safety status
  • Simplified status descriptions on the home page
  • Coloured pins so you can see users status at a glance
  • More control over Geofencing and geofencing entry points
  • Control over automated push notifications for those always in the field. The Hub will ping the mobile device to force signal.

Safe-halo’s status terminology explained:

Tracking Online Identifies a User has logged onto Safe-halo, and they have activated Safe-halo for tracking. The device’s location is being tracked.
  Lost Signal User has logged into Safe-halo, but the signal has been lost.

A few examples of how when this might occur:-
–  Where a device is left still for a period of time and the operating system has put all apps to sleep. To wake the device up one of the following must take place: 1) Movement must be detected by the device. 2) The device receives a push notification (from the management system or other source), an email message or a phone call takes place to wake the device.

–  Where a user has entered a black spot and there is no phone or wifi signal. The device continues to track the user’s position via GPS. When there is signal available, it will send location and status data back to the website.

  I Need Help The User has activated the “I Need Help” alarm.  Emergency push notifications, SMS’s and emails will be sent to the nominated parties notifying them of the incident.
Note: Safe-halo will start tracking if the alarm is set.
  Watch Me The User has activated the “Watch Me” alarm.
Note: Safe-halo will start tracking if the alarm is set.
  Check In The User has set a Countdown or Check In Alarm on their device.
Note: Safe-halo will start tracking if the alarm is set.
Missed Check In The User has failed to Check in by the desired time (as set by the User.) Emergency push notifications, SMS’s and emails will be sent to the User’s nominated parties notifying them of the incident.
Not Tracking Online The User is logged into Safe-halo, but Safe-halo tracking is not activated or the device’s GPS is turned off.
  Offline The User is not logged into Safe-halo.

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