Data Sharing Made Easy

This month we are celebrating data sharing at

We know that as an organisation you will often undertake assignments where you are required to share your safety data. That is why Take2 has made it easy for you to share your risk assessments and registers with both internal and/or external stakeholders.

No longer are you reliant upon repetitive manual data entry or end of month forms. Our sharing function provides an easy way to not only communicate issues, but to share statistics and images, as well as assign risk close out actions amongst group members.

Reporting just got whole lot easier too! Remove irrelevant data by drilling down into your groups and subgroups to identify patterns and trends. View your team and group’s statistical data from our handy register. Data accuracy, consistency and standardisation are no longer an issue with our data sharing formats.

More importantly, Take2 data sharing ensures better communications between teams. We use real time dashboard displays, email and SMS communications, as well as register exports to make sure everyone is across all safety issues, as they occur.

Get on board and see how Take2 data sharing gives you back control. is a real time safety risk management system, managing risks from site to the boardroom instantaneously. Take2 is the only safety tool that is completed at the work front, which makes us STOP and THINK prior to commencing work. Take our free 30-day trial today!


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