Take2 for Safety

Capturing safety data from the field just got easier with 152HQ’s Take2 system.

Take 2 – The real time safety risk management system, managing risks from site to the boardroom instantaneously.

Based on the principle of SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement), the Take2 mobile application is an informal digital risk management tool designed to guide personnel in the identification and control of hazards, prior to task commencement.

Completed at the work front Take2 encourages personnel to:

  • STOP – Stop and plan the task
  • THINK – Identify the hazards involved
  • ASSESS – Use the Qualitative Risk Matrix to assess the level of risk
  • MAKE CHANGES – Use the Hierarchy of Hazard Controls to reduce likelihood and consequence of Hazard
  • DO THE TASK SAFELY -When confident that all hazards have been adequately controlled, proceed with the job.

Take 2 has been designed to not only help Users to identify hazards but also to:

  • document action taken, and controls implemented to ensure the hazard has been eliminated or the risk has been reduced to As Low As Reasonable Practicable
  • to encourage Users to fully document the hazard and risk, to enable continuous improvements and training opportunities
  • provide a discussion prompt around safety requirements when undertaking infrequent or abnormal tasks

Coming from a construction background, we have seen numerous occasions where undertaking mandatory Take2’s was becoming a “tick and flick” exercise with no emphasis on onsite safety awareness or incident prevention. We needed to take Take2 from paper to digital to reinvigorate participants, gain continuity and substance, while alerting stakeholders in real time when and where hazards have been identified.

Take2’s robust build has been designed for trades; with large buttons, Voice to Text, GPS technology and multimedia uploads.  The mobile application automatically date, time and location stamps the Take2, ensuring authenticity, as well as auditable data. Once a Take2 is completed it is simultaneously emailed, with a pdf version, direct to the user (and supervisor, if specified).  For single user accounts it is free to download, with up to ten (10) Take2’s automatically saving direct to the User’s device.

No training is required. Take2 provides a clean, intuitive and easy-to-use App interface giving you a great user experience.

For additional features, a subscription to a cloud based management system is offered, where you can:

  • View and manage your team’s Take2, with real time hazard locations identified on your dashboard map.
  • Share Take2’s with your stakeholders including sub-contactors, clients or project partners
  • Have safety notifications issued as soon as risks are identified
  • View, export or filter (by groups, User or date) within your Take2 register
  • View and assign risk close out actions, as well as filter or export your Risk Register
  • Monitor your Team’s safety statistics
  • Review and monitor your Team’s data integrity and substance
  • Have flexibility to turn hazard ratings off, turning Take2 into an audit or job checklist tool.
  • Ability to assign to Job or Work Order Numbers
  • Customise and manage your question sets including setting global question that activate prior to undertaking Take2 ie “Are you fit for work?”

Our point of difference is that the Take2 web management system enables safety data sharing to occur in real time, directly with all stakeholders.  Data accuracy, consistency and standardisation are no longer an issue amongst our data sharing formats, allowing for easy record auditing and conformity of information.

The cloud management system allows safety professionals and managers to review and even re-evaluate the risk (without altering the User’s original risk rating), implement additional resources, controls or changes, identify new or reoccurring trends and training opportunities, as well as assign or close out risk corrective actions.

Having all of this data available on the one platform, allows you to:

  • identify potential behavioural trends or environmental issues,
  • identify and capture risks that may be subject to legislation or business changes,
  • demonstrate to others (regulators, investors, company stakeholders and others) that risks are being managed.
  • design controls or mitigation measures to reduce or remove the risk(s) before they occur,
  • document better safe work procedures and update safety management plans
  • implement or update training programs
  • achieve safety objectives, and drive continual improvements

Take2 turns any smart device into a safety tool. It allows Users to pass onsite experiences, knowledge and ideas direct to key stakeholders who collectively are able to identify all operational hazards, choose effective control measures and positively enhance their safety performance.

Have project or operational visibility, as well as house audit and safety compliance documentation all from within the one location, with Take2. is a real time safety risk management system, managing risks from site to the boardroom instantaneously. Take2 is the only safety tool that is completed at the work front, which makes us STOP and THINK prior to commencing work. Take our free 30-day trial today!


The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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