The Truth About Battery Life on Mobile Devices (Using Internet/Phone Signal)

Companies that build mobile devices and their operating systems like to boast about battery life. But extended battery life is not achieved through the provision of better batteries, it mainly comes down to the device’s operating system. This is evident when you put your phone down and leave it for a period of time. It is as if the device “goes to sleep.”

These operating systems are much like a bear hibernating for winter – A bear will slow its heart beat and metabolism down to only just achieve what is needed to keep it alive. The operating system does the same in your phone. The system will wake up if the phone senses movement or it is triggered by something like an incoming call or text. It will continue to operate at 100% until your put the device down again.

When Safe-halo is turned on it will track the owner, even when the phone goes to sleep. The tracking data is stored on the device and relayed back to the Safe-halo management system as soon as the phone has been woken up and has phone or internet signal.

Safe-halo has been designed for Users in the field, knowing that these Users are active and on the move. When Users are active or moving their smart devices are awake. Hence Safe-halo is extremely efficient at doing is task.

The number 1 question we are asked is, “Why is my location sometimes shown wrong on the map?” 95% of the time this is because the device has gone to sleep, while sitting on a desk, in a daypack/bag or the User has been out of network range. The map shows the last known location for the device.  Safe-halo will continue to store the GPS coordinates on the mobile device in preparation to upload to the server, as soon as the device is awake, and signal is available again.

We have now included additional design features within Safe-halo, that both manually and automatically wake the device up remotely from the webserver. Safe-halo is now able to “ping” the device. A feature that is super advantageous when a user is in the field and has not moved within a period that they should have.

We also recommend that users of the Safe-halo app regularly log out and login of Safe-halo (every couple of days,) as each time you do this, the app will complete a “handshake” with the server ensuring that all information is keep up to date. Please note that the schedule function on the app is designed to turn the app on and off, it does not automate data updates.

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