What is QicForms?

Tired of looking at stacks of unprocessed paperwork that will no doubt end up in storage or worse landfill? Sick of wasting time entering data or chasing outstanding paperwork? Have you lost your competitive edge because of your paper systems?

Now you can create your own digital forms, without having to write a single piece of code. QicForms will digitally disrupt how you conduct business, for a fraction of the cost of a customised software package.

Designed for any businesses on the go, our form and report formats and functionality are limitless – You are only held back by your imagination. Or submit your forms to us and our team will create your new digital versions for you, at no cost.

QicForms offers businesses with systematic standardised data collection ensuring quality, compliance and historical accuracy. But its not only business that receives the benefits from QicForms. Our user interface will not only increase productivity but also employee satisfaction and engagement.

Get Creative with over 30+ field types, tables and panels all implemented within your form through drag & drop technologies. Incorporate GPS, signatures, barcodes, QR scans, multimedia and more, to make data collection even easier.

Get Mobile with your forms pushed instantaneously to your staff’s App or engage kiosk mode for quick and easy access for all. Forms are accessible either on line or off. You can even automate with QicForms Assign and workflow functions to help process flow. QicForms will also integrate via API with partner platforms, in the blink of an eye.

Get Analytical with real time visibility, validation and version control all accessible from your personal dashboard. Mitigate risks, gain business insights and measure KPI’s for individuals or teams, while receiving weekly performance updates.

Get QicForms.

QicForms allows you to create your own digital forms without having to write a single piece of code. QicForms is part of the QicWorks Group. Visit or for more information.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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