No Code Digital Forms

Need digital forms, but your not tech savvy? Not a problem!

QicForms can transform your business from paper to digital without you having to write a single piece of code.

Designed for any businesses on the go, our Form and report formats and functionality offer limitless possibilities.

It only takes two (2) easy steps to create digital forms:

  1. Drag & Drop: Users are able to simply click on their desired field and then drag and drop it onto the preview frame for instant Form creation.
  2. And Configure: Save your Form for immediate deployment to your Users.

The No Code Form Builder has been designed so that you no longer need a computing degree to create digital forms.

No Code Form Builder

Choose from Common Fields, Advanced Fields, Form Layouts, Data and Report components to build your Forms. Use digital signatures, QR code scans, GPS location, image annotations and voice to text to make Forms your Users will want to use.

With 30+ field components to choice, from you are only limited by your imagination.

Form Deployment

Once your Form is created within your Web Management System, it is automatically deployed to your App. Simply have your Team sync their App to update their device with the latest Forms.

Forms can also be deployed to your Users for completion both internally (within the Web Management System) or externally (via email with embedded URL link). This link gives the User restricted/temporary access to the Form. Once the Form has been completed, the data the User entered is automatically stored within the Web Management System.

QicForms also has the ability to embed your Form within your Website. A great, no fuss feature when it comes to data collection for such Forms as Customer Surveys or Job Applications. Again once, as soon as the Form has been completed the data is automatically stored within your Web Management System, eliminating duplicate data entry.

Field Component Enhancements

So you have selected your desired field components and created your Form. Great! But what if you could take your ordinary fields and make them EXTRAORDINARY.

Field component enhancements visually help your form users to complete your forms. Dependent upon the type of field component you select, the following enhancements are available:

  • Set fields as mandatory for completion
  • Make fields return unique values
  • Ability to make multiple entries. (Great for taking lots of photos)
  • Create validation rules ie if this field is answered “Yes” then a supplementary field will pop up for population
  • Change button colours to prompt responses ie “Yes” is a green button.
  • Add tooltips (little help fields that show additional help when clicked on)
  • Change the style of the field ie bold, heights, alignment..
  • Show word or character counters, or set entry lengths (both maximum and minimum lengths)
  • Show error messages if a field was incorrectly completed.

These enhancements are available and set within the Field Properties panel, under the display, data, validation, conditional and file tabs.

Dynamic digital Forms have never been so easy with Drag, Drop & Configure. Contact our team to see how QicForms can transform your business.

QicForms allows you to create your own digital forms without having to write a single piece of code. Visit for more information.

The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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