Full coverage with Safe-halo

Safe-halo provides visibility and critical life-saving communication beyond the boundaries of mobile phone service.  Integrate Safe-halo with any personal GPS device to give your employees 100% coverage.


Safe-halo empowers employees by:

  • equipping them with an application that can be on their person,
  • automating existing practices of lone worker paper registers through digitisation,
  • removed the reliance on human memory to relay when workers have left site,
  • removed human error due to lack of personal knowledge of an area/road names/topography
  • offered flexibility when communicating anticipated departure times, and
  • can store location coordinates to the device, in times of intermittent signal, which are transferred to the database, as soon signal is available.

Safe-halo ensures employers:

  • know their employees safety status,
  • know exactly where their workers are,
  • can monitor a number of employees simultaneously from one dashboard,
  • can be in direct contact with them through internal messaging
  • simultaneously broadcast messages to all app users through push notifications,
  • receive SMS and email notifications when employees are in duress
  • can geo-fence worksites to maintain electronic registers (notifications can also be programmed to be sent when workers enter/exit these areas as well,)
  • and most importantly, do not need their IT departments permission to implement nor seek funding for additional hardware, software, data storage or training.

Are you the next corporate who gets on board with Safe-halo?

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