Want FREE QicForms Credits?

Earn Free credits simply be referring a friend

You know how powerful and easy QicForms is to use:

  • Super friendly forms for your end users.
  • Awesome No Code Form Builder
  • Instant deployment to your own branded app
  • Workflows, assignments, risk analysis, audits & Checklists
  • Community Forum including access to editable templates
  • Secure, seamless data integration to existing software applications

So, why not invite your friends to join our growing Community.

By referring a friend not only will they receive 50 Free credits to trial QicForms with, but you too will receive 50 Free credits just for referring us.

To invite someone via the QicForms Management System:

  1. Simply Log in.
  2. Proceed to Resources menu, and then select Support Ticket
  3. Send us a ticket with your Friends details. Once they have completed and submitted their first form, 50 free credits will be added to your account.

Or you can let us know that you have referred a friend by emailing the following details to us direct at

  1. Your name and QicForms Account name
  2. Your friends name and approximate date of account creation.

So what are you waiting for?

QicForms allows you to create your own digital forms without having to write a single piece of code. Visit for more information.

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