No Code Software for your Data Platform

Not a Programmer! Not a problem with QicForms. Try our No Code Form Builder to create instant digital forms.

I know what you’re thinking…

“I’m not a tech expert or computer programmer. There is no way I could possibly create digital forms my team will want to use. But the truth is nothing could be further from the truth.”

QicForms is ahead of market trends with our No Code Form Builder.

It only takes 3 easy steps to create your digital forms. Drag, drop and configure.

Simply access the web management system, select create a new form and then simply click on your desired field, drag and drop it onto the preview screen (for instant visualisation.) Once you have all the fields you require, save your form for immediate deployment to your team.

Your team can access your forms either by the companion app, internal or external web management access or embedded within your website. Once the form has been completed, it becomes a submission, and your raw data is instantly visible from within from your web management platform.

Sign up for an account at and receive 50 FREE credits to get you up and running. (There is no restrictions to the number of forms you create or team members who utilise your account. 1 Form submission = 1 credit.) Or contact our awesome team for more details at

QicForms allows you to create your own digital forms without having to write a single piece of code. Visit for more information.

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