Looking for Job Management Software?

Tired of not knowing how profitable your jobs are? Looking to implement job management software? Then look no further….

QicWorks is a fully cloud based SaaS job management and staff compliance system for construction, building, infrastructure and health care service providers, who share resources across multiple trading entities, need to handle complex rate structures and have mobile work fronts.

Easy to use and very intuitive, QicWorks is all about capturing real time job costings. It focuses on using single entry field data to seamlessly and effortlessly flow through job management, payroll and invoicing processes. This data can then be sent to external accounting software, to settle costs against the correct reporting entity and account.

QicWorks emphasis is on being able to assign the correct resource to the job based on their skill set and certification, accurately calculate job costings even for transient labour, collate all aspects of the job life cycle from quoting to closeout, within a single job folder and has the ability to report costs by Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), resource, task or job. It comes with a raft of over 30 performance reports in both numeric and graphical formats. Many of which have filter and grouping options. QicWorks also contains a report wizard, whereby you can create your own report templates for use over and over again.

QicWorks users earn their revenue by providing fabrication and/or labour hire services to their clients. QicWorks is able to effortlessly invoice clients by date, resource, order number, WBS, task, or job. It offers multiple charge rates, ranging from base cost rate to a specific charge rates set by markup, customer, location or project.

QicWorks easily manages resources across multiple entities all from the one account. Invoicing and data export will settle to the correct ABNs and GST numbers.

The QicWorks Cloud platform resides on Microsoft Azure servers (or equivalent,) has secure data encryptions and account permissions to determine user access, ensuring your data is kept safe. The companion app allows for mobility and flexible reporting. It can also be set to secure kiosk mode to cater for easy timekeeping, within a workshop or fixed environment.

Is QicWorks suitable – the key indicator

QicWorks removes the need for multiple software applications or paper systems to calculate job profitability. The platform is able to replace labour intensive and error prone spreadsheets or other inadequate commercial systems.

Is QicWorks Suitable – a second indicator

QicWorks job management solution is positioned as a bottom up software platform designed with the end user in mind, to ensure meaningful data is captured. This includes the facilities to capture time, job status, leave requests, delivery dockets and expenditure all from within in the field.

QicWorks helps address all management issues, from
• Scheduling resources to the minute, at Task level, through drag n drop technology
• Being able to invoice Work In Progress at any time, not just at month end
• Utilise Job and Task templates for re-occurring works
• Report job completion by effort or hours, and
• Removes data duplication and manipulation

As today’s businesses transition towards a more transient workforce, QicWorks strength is in assigning the correct resource to a job, managing how the business earns its fees and knowing in real time exactly what a job costs to perform.

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The information contained within this blog is of a general nature only. It does not take your specific needs or circumstances into consideration. You should look at your own situation and legislative requirements before making any decisions.

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