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November saw the release of a number of upgraded features roll out for our Take2 risk assessment system. The team at 152hq have been working in conjunction with our Take2 clients to ensure all their hazard identification needs are covered.

We are pleased to announce that our Take2 now includes the following great features:

Customised Checklists

You can now customise your question sets to include or exclude the risk matrix functionality. This function now allows our Clients to create customised checklists, for questions that require a simple yes/no response. This upgrade does not impact on your ability to upload photographs, documents and notes. Simply create a question set within your hub and turn the risk matrix functionality off.

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There is no escape!

Every day we are exposed to hazards and risks. Some hazards may be obvious like boiling the kettle for your morning wake up coffee or driving to work, while others are often not as visible or can be overlooked. But why do we need to identify these hazards?

First, we need to determine what is a hazard, risk and risk control, as these items all form part of a Risk Management System.

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