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Safe-halo is a powerful cloud based remote, isolated or lone worker monitoring, reporting and recording management system.
The system comprises of 2 components:
The App – installed on mobile devices to collect and send data to the web server (The Hub), and

The Hub- which stores and displays records from all your devices

Application key features list

  • Android and iOS versions
  • Privacy Mode (This will highlight the User as “Offline” on the Hub)
  • Panic Button that will immediately alert the Hub and nominated Contacts of your situation
  • Emergency and Contact details screen, including critical phone numbers accessible in one click
  • Team map showing your and your team members location
  • Internal messages can be passed between Hub and mobile application
  • Automated alarms, push notifications, sms’s and emails set by by app, activated by the hub

Web Hub key features list

  • Cloud Based (No additional hardware or software to install. Access from anywhere/anytime)
  • Microsoft Azure Servers (Can’t get better for service and security)
  • Secure login with role based access; Owner, Manager, Team Members
  • Real-time display of all staff with travel routes shown
  • History (Map and Data) where any staff members movements/activities can be played back
  • Status of each team member (online/offline, safe/watch me mode, need help etc)
  • Auto playback screen for control rooms / office displays
  • Geo fencing and automated access/egress registers
  • Broadcast messaging to alert the complete team
  • And much more…

Kane Organ – Peabody Australia

Kane Organ – Peabody Australia

Kane Organ Environment & Community Coordinator Metropolitan Coal Helensburgh – Peabody Australia

Safe-halo Testimonial – Metropolitan Coal (Peabody) Helensburgh Metropolitan Coal Helensburgh has been using Safe-halo for a number of months now and it has proven to be invaluable, giving us uninterrupted visibility of our remote workers. Given the remote catchment terrain we work in, the Safe-halo system enables keeping track of our teams in a rather difficult area with little to no phone signal. We have successfully rolled out the Safe-halo system within our employees and contractors quickly and with ease. The simplicity of a smart phone App. has enabled application effectively. We have tried a number of applications and have found that Safe-halo certainly out preforms all the rest. The constant reliance on the phone network makes it hard to permanently track workers in remote areas, however, given the Safe-halo capability and features allows us to ensure the safety of workers at all times.

Richard Walsh

Richard Walsh

South32 (Illawarra Coal) Superintendent Brownfields Exploration

<h3>Safe-halo Testimonial</h3> The Safe-halo app helps to keep employees safe out in the field, while also reducing the workload of the crews. This app automates tasks like logging an entry register into the catchment and continually updating location, so employees are free to get on with their work. So this is a win-win in terms of safety and efficiency gains.

Kevin Petty

Kevin Petty

Environmental Consultant, Forestry Corporation NSW

Safe-halo - As an environmental consultant, I am engaged by the Forestry Corporation of NSW to undertake inspections within state forests and plantation areas. I have no hesitation in recommending Safe-halo as it provides me with peace of mind that if I need assistance, I can be located accurately, and that help will be able to access my location very quickly and effectively.


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