Announcing our brand-new Product – QicForms

One mobile platform for all your forms and work processes

QicForms a powerful form builder and data collection platform has been designed with flexibility in mine.

You don’t need to change your business to fit your software!!

Paper to Digital

We go beyond just digitising your forms. We automate and revolutionise your business, with our no code form builder and intuitive dashboards.

You can convert your forms to digital at a pace that suits your business, minimising disruption and matching the learning curve of your staff.

Automated Workflows

Workflows & Notifications can be set by triggered events.

You can trigger automated actions and workflows based on answers given to specific questions, form submission or globally. Powerful, business transforming automation that is easy to use.

Data Analytics

We provide insight into the effectiveness of your workflows with predictive analytics.

You can analyse, optimise and govern how your workflows are performing. Identify patterns, pinpoint and resolve any bottlenecks to drive business optimisation.

Find out how Qicforms become  Qicworks: https://qicworks.com/


QicForms, the dynamic form builder for your mobile device

Title QicForms
Project length ~12 Months
Platform #C .NET, Azure SQL database
Mobile apps Android & iOS
Product Release January 2019
Transform the way you collect, share and analyse data

Too many apps?

QicWorks is the answer

One mobile platform for all your work processes

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