QicWorks Mobile App

Ionic 5/6 Framework in React utilising Mobiscroll to enhance the user experience

About The Project

152HQ developed the current QicWorks app over 2 years ago, as a portable platform to capture field data within the construction and building industries.

Since its release, the app has undergone several small updates to further help it align with customer feedback and technology changes.

In July 2021, the QicWorks team made the decision engage 152HQ to undertake a total rebuild of the mobile app, from the bottom up. The scope for this rebuild included the utilization of best technology available today, with a focus on delivering an incredible user experience.


Before we started the build, the team set out researching which platforms and technologies were market leaders in improving usability, as well as the enhancing overall performance of the application.

In particular, we were looking for a platform that would effortlessly deliver the three F’s – format, functionality and flow, as well as deliver seamless data integration between the webserver and the companion app. The app also needed to compliant and replicate many key features of the webserver such as rosters, timekeeping, document and image management.

The decision was to go with Ionic 5/6 Framework (https://ionicframework.com ) for its hybrid/native cross-platform capabilities and its stunning performance.

We found the Ionic platform allowed you to create just about anything and by using the Mobiscroll UI library (https://mobiscroll.com ) we have ticked all our boxes.

Mobiscroll brought to the application stunning pre-built elements like scheduling, time and date pickers and steppers. These elements were simple and easy to integrate and saved the development team a lot of time and effort, all while providing a great looking UI which is clean and fast.

Mobiscroll Mobiscroll Roster








The support we received from Mobiscroll along our journey was top-notch. No question as too hard and their responses were very prompt and personal.

The End Product

This project is still under development, but customer feedback to date has been extremely favorable.

Beta testing with QicWorks end users has highlighted just much more engaged their users are with this easy clean formatting. We have even noticed an increase in speed between data transfer.

The partnership between Ionic 5/6 and Mobiscoll has reinvigorated and excited not only our developers, but our customers as well.

Thank you for taking the QicWorks companion app to the next level.

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