SiteREF - A lightweight ArcGIS interrogation tool

Working with EMAP Consulting, 152HQ created a mobile application and web interface that produces Review of Environmental Factors (REF) reports in minutes.

This involved complex interrogation with the ArcGIS databases and improving performance and efficiency to make the application lightweight and very responsive.

SiteREF does all the work for you. Simply select your chosen site and SiteREF will query the most recently available spatial databases to generate your Review of Environmental Factors (REF) report for that site.


  • State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs) that apply to the site
  • LEP zoning, soil landscapes, BioNet vegetation communities
  • search of NSW BioNet Atlas for threatened flora and fauna species within a defined radius of the site
  • search of EPBC Protected Matters database for Matters of National Environmental Significance (MNES) within a defined radius of the site
  • basic search of AHIMS database for presence of Aboriginal sites or places within a defined radius of the site

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Project SiteRef
Type Custom Software
Company EMAP Consulting, Wollongong, Australia
Platfom #C .NET, Azure SQL database
Mobile apps Android & iOS
Release date 2nd July 2018
Project Scope Mobile and Web Interface to allow Lot/Address search to generate a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) report in minutes

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