A Take2 is the only check-list system that is completed at the work front, which makes everyone STOP and THINK prior to commencing work. Take2 has now become digital!

Now you can customise your account to:

  • consolidate your risks within your Risk Register
  • share your data with external parties
  • send notifications to key stakeholders, when hazards have been identified
  • assign job numbers to your risk assessments and checklists
  • utilise our risk matrix to give identified hazards a risk rating
  • allocate close out actions to your team members

Take2 ensures you are OHS compliant and your data is easily accessible for auditing and governance requirements.

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Title Take2
Project length 4 Months
Platfom #C .NET, Azure SQL database
Mobile apps Android & iOS
Release date July 2017
Where used Worldwide

Convenient and in real time

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