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In mid-January, 152hq visited the Port Kembla Coal Terminal and had a chat with some local engineers and project managers about what aspects of the project management game can be improved and how we can incorporate these improvements into our product. As always, the most common concern was lack of knowledge transparency and mountains of paperwork that need to be sifted through and sorted to generate any kind of forecasting reports. This kind of feedback is great for us, as we believe that consistently being in contact with what our client base wants and needs from their project management software is the best way forward. The only method to get reliable feedback is to talk with them directly; they have skin in the game within their industry and they know what is required to get the job done correctly the first time.

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Knowledge Transfer within a hierarchical institution (a top down company or business) that contains varying levels of responsibility and transparency can be problematic. An (often) large workforce, spread out over a wide geographical area with multiple projects been undertaken simultaneously means that knowledge transfer between all parties can be time-consuming, difficult, and fraught with potential for mistakes.

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After 12 years of consistently working on and improving Tracka, we are ready to relaunch our product after the most recent round of major updates have totally remodelled the program. Countless hours of testing in the field, working on projects with project managers and getting their direct feedback on our program has resulted in the creation of a product to be proud of. Over the last 12 years, the scope of what Tracka has wanted to achieve has both grown significantly, but our core directive has always remained the same. At its foundation, Tracka is a program that tracks the progress of projects. The initial idea for Tracka started out as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, then moved through to an access database, then an online access database, then through to an application that is a basic incarnation of what we have today. A series of major updates over this time period has resulted in the program we have today.
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In the construction industry, things will go wrong. This is a fact of life. However, this doesn’t mean that the consequences of these errors need to come back to haunt you and your company in the future. Whether you are a site supervisor, an engineer, a project manager or anyone else who is involved in completing a project, it is important to document all aspects of a project, from start to finish, in order to avoid potential litigation cases or lawsuits.
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